Hi there, my name is Christian Gittings i went to De montfort university and have a Bsc (hon) in computing and live in Stoke on trent.

I have Dyspraxia with cross over Dyslexia, I share this condition with A number of famous authors including Ernest Hemingway, The Brontë sisters and Jack Kerouac the Dyspraxia part anyway, Dyspraxia is the partial loss of the ability to coordinate and sometimes balance, also I have some of the problems common to Dyslexia e.g. spelling etc but there is a good side to this, being I have a good IQ, even if some things in your brain let you down,  for more information check out the following both are good websites with lots of information about the subject and has very good links to other sites:-

What I like doing

I am interested in lots of things, I am interested in computers, web design, science, photography, art, history, Ecology, 3rd world issues. I also like eating all kinds of food and I am a Christian and go to Breathe city church in Stoke on Trent, where I am on the technical team helping with podcasting

where have i been